My career

"Early-Morning Hike (1)" by Nicholas_T is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Medical Degree (MBBS) obtained in 2016 at King's College London

2016-2018 - multidisciplinary clinical practice within the Foundation Programme

2018-2020 Psychiatry trainee at Royal Cornhill Hospital in Aberdeen

License to practice medicine in Italy by the Italian Ministry of Health: Abilitazione all’esercizio della professione di medico chirurgo in Italia - Ministero Della Salute - Documento DGPROF 0052201-P-18/10/2019

2017 Immediate Life Support and Advanced Life Support certificates from Resuscitation Council UK

I can communicate in a few languages:

Italiano (C2 - Madrelingua),
English (
C2 Mother tongue, Medical Degree awarded by a British University),
Français (
C1 - Diplome de Français Professionnel Medical Avec la mention Très Bien - 08/2017),
Nederlandse (
Español (
Deutsch (

In addition to being a doctor, I am a human being at my core, who does his best to treat everyone with empathy and interest, and never judge.

In my youth, before discovering my calling for medicine, I explored as much of the world as I could, travelling around Europe by car and on my motorbike, embarking in a round-the-world trip that lasted a year, and at different times learning about Engineering, Law, English literature, political science, and international affairs.

This has enriched me with a variety of diverse life experiences, which I bring with me in my medical practice.

My CV can be found here. Below is a selection of some of my scientific contributions that I gladly share for your curiosity and information.

The pandemic has not changed human nature and needs, and consequently the dynamics associated to transmission of sexually transmitted infections, but it has certainly had an impact on the ways in which one can seek and find medical assistance for them.

In this brief excursus I discuss how it can be possible to seek and provide medical assistance even at a distance, and how to act to guarantee patients' privacy even when making use of digital communication media for issues considerably sensitive personal issues.

Some reflections on the impact that the strain on the healthcare system, experienced during the acute phase of the SARS-CoV2 pandemic, and the fear of contagion, have had on the dynamics of accessing the national healthcare system, and on the therapeutic pathways as experienced by residents in Romagna, as observed by a doctor in an urgent care centre (PPI).

Standards of ethical conduct and behaviour of the European Society of Athletic Training and Therapy

An old (It's incredible how many steps forward have been made since 2013!) presentation on anticoagulant therapy management.

My presentation at King's College London on the TBnuke project, a proposal of studying the use of Hadrotherapy with Carbon Ion in the clinical management of multi drug resistant Tubercolosis (XXDR-TB and TDR-TB) designed during my elective internship at CERN in Geneva.

My teaching material (3 hours) on psychosis for students of King's College London medical school.

A presentation on a project I care much about: in 2015, together with a team of colleagues, we developed a screening tool for post-natal depression that has been adopted by a GP group practice in greater London (and as far as I know, is still being successfully used in 2021).

My presentation at Royal Cornhill Hospital's Journal Club in Aberdeen on the resurgence of psychedelic agents in psychopharmaceutic research and its promise for treatment of Post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

My presentation on prevention of venous thromboembolism in psychiatric patients, presented in 2019 at the All England National Thrombosis Conference

My presentation on Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (First the slides, then videos at my presentation at CERN curious mornings) [Slide Kit]

entation on Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (First the slides, then videos at my presentation at CERN curious mornings) [Video Recordings]

Slides of my presentation "Guidelines and healthcare: Building Medicine around Average Joe" at Forum della Sostenibilità ed Opportunità nel Settore della Salute

"Accountability and ownership in community-led welfare innovation: its potential role in EU policies"

For the EU project EU H2020 Opencare in collaboration with SCImPULSE Foundation

A guide to risk reduction and interprofessional collaboration for TB infection control worldwide, which I wrote with Uta Grosse and Gini Williams for the International Council of Nurses
Published by
International Council of Nurses, Geneva. ISBN: 978-92-95094-67-3 (2011).