My approach to Medicine

By Stethoscopes. licensed as CC BY-SA 3.0

From my experience in the United Kingdom, I have brought with me a holistic approach to medicine. For the avoidance of doubt: this is not the “holistic medicine” that can be found in “wellness centres” across Italy, but rather of bona fide medicine, practiced with attention to detail, and to looking at the patient in their entirety as a whole human being, bringing in their problems, the status of their family, their mind, their social life, and their body and, first and foremost, their objectives and wishes.

Indeed, the path of a patient’s diagnosis and treatment, is never linear as a motorway that brings them from A to B: such an approach is optimized for the “Average Patient” who does not actually exist, with whoever is not average having to adapt to the system. It must instead be built to measure, a shared journey where we look together through the many available paths, and calculating the route together at each step.

My experience so far has been across many specialities, including rural medicine in a remote island setting, which has been an invaluable experience to learn how to untangle the management of emergencies, and complex conditions that involved multidisciplinary medical aspects as well as complex social and human issues.

Clearly, even the best generalist cannot be a Master of all trades. I am no exception, and what follows are the domains in which my contribution is more incisive:

  • Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome - an illness discovered in 1981 and not yet fully understood, which causes a variety of symptoms for which other diagnostic entities end up being blamed for. For the last decade, and presently, I have been studying the syndrome and follow the scientific developments in the research around it, having myself been involved in the search for novel diagnostic methods, in collaboration with organizations such as Thrombosis UK and SCImPULSE Foundation.

  • As a result of this activity I have gained great ability in playing as a medical "point guard", assisting those patients with complex issues, or vague symptom clusters that make it difficult to reach a certain diagnosis and set a definitive, resolutive therapeutic intervention. I take on a proactive role in communication and coordination of multi-speciality consultations around the patient.

  • Thanks to my experience in Mental Health Services in Scotland, I have learned skills in the management of mild to moderate depressive disorders as well as anxiety disorders (including obsessive-compulsive disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders), as well as psychosexual disorders. I do not practice psychotherapy.

  • I offer a thorough consultation with regards to sexually transmitted infections and, as mentioned before, sexual and psychosexual issues. I am LGBT+ friendly and kink friendly, and I offer a space in which to express one’s thoughts, problems, doubts, and dilemmas without being judged.

I find great wisdom in the classics, and I like to close this paragraph sharing a few latin maxims:

Vita via est.

Male vivunt, qui se semper victuros putant (Publilio Siro).

Non exiguum temporis habemus, sed multum perdidimus. (Lucio Anneo Seneca)

Cum lenitate asperitas. (Gabriele D'Annunzio)

Non est vivere sed valere vita est. (Marco Valerio Marziale)