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Please note: As of April 20 2023, my private practice has closed. I aim to open a GP practice within the Italian National Health Service in the coming months. Therefore, I am currently unable to offer private appointments due to statutory incompatibilities. 

Note: Receipts for sums greater than 77.47 Euro are subject to an “Imposta di Bollo” tax of 2 Euro. The patient may bring their own Marca da Bollo, or alternatively use one of mine, at the patient’s expense, without any surcharge

Payment is possible by cash, debit/credit cards, and in exceptional situations through instant bank transfer or cheque/cashier’s cheque. Any wire transfer or cheque issue fees will be at the patient’s expense.

If you are an Italian taxpayer, It should be remembered that Italian tax relief on medical expenses may only be claimed on the IRPEF taxable income if it is paid through traceable means (Cards, wire transfer, cheque or cashier's cheque). Therefore, payment in cash is possible, but will require “Paid in cash” to be written upon the receipt, and this makes it so that (Italian) tax relief cannot be claimed on it.

Article 54 of the “Codice Deontologico” (that is, good medical practice principles) regulates the financial aspects of private medical care. It can be consulted on the regulatory body for the medical profession, “Ordine dei Medici” of the Province of Forlì-Cesena’s website here (In Italian).


In particular, Article 54 states that, within private practice, doctors and dentists must: (Translated for your convenience by Dr Cognetti - please note the Italian version is binding and prevails over any translation):


- Let their fees be known to the patient in advance, within the scope of the trust of the doctor-patient relationship, in order to privilege a direct agreement, not only with regards to the proposed treatment, but also to the costs that this treatment involves.


- Let their fees be commensurate to the difficulty, complexity, and quality of the service, keeping in mind the doctor’s professional competences as well as the equipment used.


- Avoid agreements among professionals such as to charge the same fees for their services


- Offer free services only in particular cases and not indiscriminately as a way to attract customers.

Further information can be found on the Ordine Dei Medici Chirurghi e Odontoiatri della Provincia di Forlì-Cesena's page (In Italian)

You may be interested to listen to my recent presentation on tele-venereology for the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Italian Telemedicine Society which can be found here (Note: NSFW due to pictures of genitals in a medical setting)