Venereology and Televenereology

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Venereology consultations

The ongoing COVID pandemic has not stopped people from having sex, and has not stopped sexually transmitted infections from being, well, transmitted. It has, however, unfortunately reduced the availability of targeted services in the region. 

Understandably, when one develops symptoms that make them suspect a sexually transmitted infection, one wants to see a doctor quickly.

I operate a policy of safeguarding patients’ privacy as strongly as possible, and a part of that is arranging my appointments’ timing so that patients do not cross each other in the waiting room. I am committed to absolute discretion and a patient may present with a pseudonym. As long as they remember it, all the subsequent care, tests, and consultations will be under that name. 

I firmly believe that a doctor's work is to treat everyone, regardless of who they are, without any judgment. More information can be found on my Diversity and Inclusion page. Here is my listing on Kink and Polyamory Aware Professionals

The fee...

Please note: As of April 20 2023, my private practice has closed. I aim to open a GP practice within the Italian National Health Service in the coming months. Therefore, I am currently unable to offer private appointments due to statutory incompatibilities. 

Visitors and tourists

I speak a number of languages to varying degrees of fluency and am more than happy to speak whatever language we have in common that works best for you. I know first-hand how seeking healthcare in a foreign country can be a daunting experience and I will do my best to put you at ease and answer any questions. Depending on where you’re from, I may be familiar with how the healthcare system works in your country, and how it may differ here, and I am happy to be your guide in navigating it.

Some of the services I offer:

Who should seek my services

As mentioned above, I offer a comprehensive sexual health consultation, as well as more general venereology and sexology consultations.

One does not necessarily have to be unwell to benefit from my services: A sexual health screen can be very useful simply for your peace of mind or when you have a new partner.

When there are symptoms, it is always worth going for a consultation. Some of the more common symptoms and infections for which I might be able to help are: