Do you have a happy and fulfilling sex life?

Do you have doubts, fears, questions about sex and your sexuality?

Do you perhaps wish to explore some sides of it that attract you, but you aren’t sure how to do so ethically or safely?

Are you worried that you think too much about sex? Or, on the contrary, that you aren’t as interested in sex as your partner?

Do you have questions about your gender identity or sexual orientation?

Perhaps you are interested in swinging, polyamory, or BDSM?

Are you a sex worker who is having trouble in their own private sex life?

These above, and more, are some of the topics that I help patients navigate through, while firmly rooted in a medical background.

I believe that a happy, healthy sex life is an integral part of happiness. While it is true that compromise in relationships is sometimes needed, frustration is not, and if you are frustrated with your sex life I can probably help. I have an extensive working knowledge of the Kink, Swinger, and Polyamorous lifestyles. Here is my listing on Kink Aware Professionals. I promise that whatever you’re into, you won’t be judged.

Some of the things that people come to me for help are:

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Lack of desire

  • Painful sexual intercourse

  • Vaginismus (when the vagina suddenly tightens up when you try to insert something into it)

  • Questions or curiosity about how to practice BDSM safely

  • Questions or curiosity about how to practice Swinging safely

  • Questions or curiosity about how to practice Polyamory safely

  • Questions about safer sex

  • Questions about sexually transmitted infections