Dr. Salvatore Cognetti

Medico Chirurgo - MBBS (London)

Convenzionato SSN - Az. USL Modena

Medico di Medicina Generale

OMCeO Forlì-Cesena n° 05186

By Stethoscopes. licensed as CC BY-SA 3.0

From June 3rd the GP surgery will be moved to Via Monchio 10, Loc. Gaggio, Castelfranco Emilia (MO)

Beginning April the 2nd 2024 I will receive patients according to the following schedule:

Monday and Wednesday between h16:00 and h19:00

Tuesday and Thursday between h10:30 and h13:30

Friday between h13:00 and h16:00

To request repeat prescriptions, or to bring extraordinary circumstances to my attention, you are invited to send me text messages (SMS) on the mobile number +393514519811 specifying name, surname, and the nature of your request.

You may also contact me on the DOCTOLIB app, through the site www.doctolib.it, or by calling my secretary on (+39) 091 255 81 03

If we don’t yet know each other, these few pages are my way of explaining my vision of medicine, and my approach to clinical practice, as well as the portal through which you may view my CV and ultimately contact me. 

I am not a communications professional, and I have not hired one purposefully, so as to retain the authenticity that I like to have with my collaborators and my patients. I hope you won’t hesitate to suggest information and things you wish you’d found here, or any feedback whatsoever. I like to think of us as a team, with a shared mission.

These pages -- like myself, and like medicine -- are not perfect, but they are perfectible. And so am I in this experience by your side.